Vantage - The automatic cleaning system for One Piece Pools

"Vantage" is the Automatic Integrated Cleaning and Circulation System manufactured exclusively for one piece pools. The installation inside the factory is supervised directly by Paramount.

The Complete Circulation and Cleaning System is cleaning automatically every corner utilizing in most cases the main Filtration pump that´s operating in every installation for the Filtration System.




The "Vantage" Complete System it is composed by a Distributor Water Valve (1), Rotating and Fixed Cleaning Nozzles (2), Active Main Drain MDX (3) , a Debris Canister (4) and the HiCap ParaSkimmer (5). The Vantage Rotating Nozzles have a very high cleaning radius , therefore with a very few nozzles installed the pool get entirely cleaned. The "Vantage" System has patented the Automatic Debris Removal System which guarantees not only the cleaning of the pool but also the collection of the debris thru the Active MDX Drain and the Debris Canister. The "Vantage" System is installed in the factory which manufactures the one piece pools and it is supervised by Paramount Pools. Vantage system it is supplied in many colors to be able to adapt it to the one piece pools of any color and shape.

  "Vantage" is the solution to have a pool that is always clean and aesthetically perfect, automatically. There are part of history the cables and hoses of the old devices which were used to clean in the past. Now you dont need to install, run, collect and store the typical vacuum cleaners each time the pool is dirty. Also forget about troubleshooting, searching replacement parts and repairing the old cleaners.

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In a pool with the "Vantage" system installed, the summers gets longer. The sun is taken advantage of for heating the pool and the "Vantage" nozzles are distributing the heated water in the entire pool, eliminating the cold water zones that were existing in the old, simply swimming pools. The Vantage System also is distributing uniformly the chemical products in the entire pool, avoiding to be wasted by the wind or cancelled by the UV radiation.

 With a simple calculation we can realize that saving in the cleaning of the pool, in maintenance time, saving in the electricity cost and chemical products, the redeem of the "Vantage" System is done in a relatively short period of time.

  Today, the "Vantage" system is installed in one piece pools manufactured in Spain, France, Belgium, United States and Australia. Also is installed in "Composite" pools and one piece pools that have a ceramic lining in Australia, United States and France.


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Paramount Pools is a company that uses the latest technology and is exclusively dedicated to the study, analysis and manufacture of components for an automatic and effective maintenance of swimming pools, since 1967.



The image from above shows the uniform distribution of the heat in a swimming pools with "Vantage" system. In the same way, uniformly and homogenous the distribution of the chemical products is done.
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