Aquadaptor - Advanced Returns for Pool & Spa´s


 The return fittings are accessories used in order the water to return back in the pool, once it is filtered and treated. These accessories are manufactured in accordance with the type of the pool, because their installation depends on the finishing of each pool. The returns are of many types: returns for concrete pools, returns for liner pools and returns for one-piece pools (fiberglass). Depending on the type of pool, infinity edge pool or skimmers pool, the returns are: wall returns (for the pools that have skimmers) and floor returns (for perimetrical edge pools).

As the time went by the return nozzles are more modern. At the beginning there were some accessories with an orifice, to let the water go through, after, there were incorporated some components which allowed the returns to direct the water in an angle of 30 degrees. Paramount Pools added to its In Floor Cleaning Systems universal components, which were able to change an ordinary return in a Down Jet return, changing the direction of the water in 90 degrees angle. This accessory is still commercialized, as a component of the cleaning system in order to help cleaning zones that are less deep or zones with circulation issues. The Down Jets are used also in pools without In Floor Cleaning Systems for improve the water circulation and  save in chemical products. Sending the water towards the floor of the pool, the chemical products evaporation is avoided and the chemical products are send were they are more needed.


 One of the newest returns and one of the most effective.

This is a return nozzle, which is installed in the wall of the pool, in the 50 mm (PN10) PVC pipe, which turns automatically, every single time the nozzle receives water. The SwingJet nozzle turns three times in three positions, which have a maximum 90º angle. The initial position can be setted according to the needs and beginning with this position the nozzle will clean an angle of 90 degrees forward and backwards. In order to maximize the SwingJet nozzle work, it is recommended to install it in one of the distribution valve ports. In this case, all the nozzles installed in a valve port turn every 6 minutes at a new position. The nozzles installed in a regular port of a regular return, directly from the filtration system, without going through the distribution valve, need a pressure of at least 25 PSI (1,72 BAR) in order to work properly and to rotate without interrupting the flow of the water. These nozzles are very useful for cleaning stairs, submerged benches, corners with difficult angles that are difficult to access, and where the dirt accumulates frequently and where no cleaning system can reach to clean. SwingJet is manufactured in eight different colors.



This is a return nozzle which has to be installed in the pool floors or walls, also in fountains, having an important and unique property: it can be set to clean from 22,5º to 225º by having 10 configurations available. It is the only return nozzle which offers this unique ability to set a cleaning angle and aim it to clean beach entries, lazy rivers, Compensation tanks or Spas. Wherever is needed to send dirt in a clear direction, the Vector Jet Nozzle is the solution. For the pools that have the entrance beach type, the nozzle is set to clean from the entrance all the way to the drain in an angle about 225º. For the "Artificial Rivers" or "Collecting Channels" the nozzle needs to be set in an angle of 180º, direction towards the drain; for the long and narrow swimming pools it is recommended to install the Vector Jet nozzles to direct the swept dirt by the in floor cleaning systems directly towards the MDX active drain.



Vector Jet has 16 configurations and can clean from 22,5º to 225º. The Vector Jet installation is either in the floor or the wall, without annoying the swimmers. When the nozzle is not active it stays flush to the floor and it raises when it is active (when it receives water from the distributing valve). It works a determined amount of time, until it retracts to its place when the water valve is not supplying water. The next time the valve is sending water, Vector Jet is rising and it sends the water in a new direction where it is cleaning the next assigned zone. Getting down and rising up, the nozzle is cleaning the assigned zone and when it is done, starts over, the same steps, cleaning the same area. Vector Jet cleans in two ways the assigned area and when the water flow is stopped, the nozzle disappears in the floor of the pool or the wall.


VectorJet1 225VectorJet2 180VectorJet3 158VectorJet4 112VectorJet5 90VectorJet6 68

 Vector Jet is manufactured in 8 designer colors in order to complement any pool surface or fountain and hides its presence.


The AQUADAPTOR Returns are very simple, and their installation is very easy, by just cutting the 50mm 10 atm pipes and gluing. The inside part of the returns makes the installation easier, in order to allow them to be glued to the wall in the situation the pipes that are going through the wall are not properly leveled. The front part, is removable and has a very flat form, it is very pleasant to the eye and it gives a uniform view of the wall where it gets installed.

It is manufactured in 8 different colors in order to complement any pool surface or fountain and hides its presence.

Supplied with 4 accessories: Standard Jet, 90º Jet, Flow Reduction and Lid. Specially recommended to be installed with the In-Floor Cleaning Systems because the "90º Jet" can direct the water of the returns towards the areas where is needed a better circulation.

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The use of the "90º Jet" increases the savings in chemical products of any pool or spa, since it is significantly changing in better the circulation of the returned water send it to the bottom where is most needed.

The material used to manufacture the returns makes them easier to be glued in any PVC pipe using the standard glue for PVC.

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