Clear O3 - Ozone pool water purifier

 Clear O3 - Ozone Water Purifier for Pools and Spa's

Used as a disinfectant in many industries such as pharmaceutical industry, medical industry or bottled water industry, the Ozone is considered one of the most oxidant natural element. The Ozone gives many advantages over the regular disinfectant used such as Chlorine or Brome. The Ozone is produced in the nature through the lightning bolts and the thunderstorms or through ultraviolet rays in the high layers of the atmosphere. The Ozone is a natural antioxidant, which kills the bacteria and viruses instantly. After years of investigation, Paramount Pool & Spa Systems developed the Clear O3 ozone generator, a very powerful device which imitates the nature, disinfects through oxidation the swimming pool water in a natural and inexpensive way, having a very important advantage: It does not leave Chemical Residues inside the water, despite the ordinary disinfectants like Chlorine and Brome which through oxidation leave the impurities without any oxidant power (Chloramines and Bromines). In a large quantity these are very toxic. The Ozone while oxidating the impurities is converted in Oxygen which leaves the water of the swimming pool, Spa or fountains clean and safe, similar to the oxygenated water of the mountain rivers. The Ozone generator and the implemented method of introducing it in the water are the results of many years of work and investigation as well as years of collaboration with several top of industry companies. The result of all this hard work is the Clear O3 - Ozone generator, which is ultimately an alternative much more attractive than the traditional methods of water sanisation.

The Clear O3 Ozone generator is a crucial component of the HIDROZONE - The Ecological Water Treatment System, which does not use any chemical products to disinfect the water. Clear O3, the Ozone generator, it is used always as an important element of the disinfecting system. The Ozone is a volatile element, which oxidizes instantly transforming itself into Oxygen. It is very important the water also contains residual disinfectanst elements, so HIDROZONE, produce them with his Hydrolysis process.   

Installed in the swimming pools, which treat the water chemically with Chlorine, Brome or Active Oxygen, the results of this treatment reduce drastically the usage of the chemical products up to 70%.

When Clear O3 is installed together with a Salt Chlorinator, it reduces dramatically the use of the Chlorine as a disinfectant; this way there is a decrease in allergies and the negative effects created by the high concentration of Chlorine. The life of the electrolytic cells it is drastically increased.

Installed in any swimming pool, Spa or fountain, the ozone generator increase the flocculation of the organically residues, increasing the life of filters and other equipments, leaving the water clean and crystal clear, similar with the water found in the mountain rivers.

The Ozone decomposes directly the organically residues through oxidation.

1.- How is the Ozone produced:

In nature: the Ultraviolet rays produce the Ozone through the Oxygen available in the air.

ClearO3: The Ultraviolet rays from a powerful lamp, produce Ozone from the Oxygen in the air.

2.- Description of the Ozone:

In the process of cleaning the swimming pool water, the Ozone is the best oxidation method available today.

The Ozone is decreasing the consumption of the chemical products up to 70%; as a result, the chemical products that are in the swimming pool are working more efficiently.

The Ozone decreases the consumption of the Chlorine added in the swimming pool water. The chlorine is the element responsible for the skin and eyes irritation and it has been related to an increase of asthma cases.

 3.- What is the behavior of the Ozone:

By introducing the Ozone in the pool water, the flocculation of the organically residues is increased, as well as the life of the filters and other equipments.

The Ozone breaks down directly the organically residues through oxidation.

4.- Purity

The Ozone acts similar with the oxidation found in the nature, disinfecting continuously the water of the swimming pool, increasing this way its clarity and purity.

 5.- Advantages

  • Clear O3 produces a major concentration of Ozone with a small quantity of air that gets injected in the System.
  • The adjustable brackets ease the installation of the Ozone generator closer to the swimming pool equipment.
  • The heated blades dissipate the heat in order to maintain the exit of the Ozone at a perfect temperature, increasing the functioning power of it.
  • The design of the device has the release in the inferior part of the device. Due to this, the device works taking advantage of the gravity in order to give a superior efficiency.

6.- Exclusive and innovative design

  • Clear O3 is an Ozone Generator device with no maintenance. The Ultraviolet bulbs are easily changeable in minutes.
  • The aluminum sealed material eliminates the leaks of the Ozone.
  • The cylindrical compartment of the Clear O3 device is designed to maximize the Ozone production.
  • The included needle valve show the ideal level of the ozone in every swimming pool.
  • One Clear O3 unit works efficiently in a swimming pool up to 200 m3 of water (55,000 gallons).

7.- The production of the Ozone

  • 1. The fresh air is introduced through the superior part because of a Venturi effect.
  • 2. The Air enters in the production compartment.
  • 3. The Ultraviolet bulbs stimulate the air, producing high concentration of the O3 molecules.
  • 4. The mix of the Ozone/Air exits from the production compartment and enters in the secondary optional unit.
  • 5. The process of generating the Ozone repeats.
  • 6. The high concentration mix of the Ozone/Air exists from the inferior part of the unit towards the swimming pool pump.

8.- Relation cost/gram

The Clear O3 Ozone generator offers the best relation cost/gram of the Ozone systems available in the market today.

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