MDX - Active Main Drain

MDX Debris Removal System™ is the new system which Paramount launched in the market at the beginning of 2003. The name "MDX Debris Removal System" tells us that MDX is something more than just a conventional drain. Having the MDX installed in a pool, it cleans the pool fast and exemplarily, besides having many layers of "Anti-Trap" protection. In combination with any Integrated Cleaning System, MDX is very efficient in disposing of all the dirt that the Cleaning System is collecting from the entire pool. Connected to a Debris Canister the results are a clean swimming pool, always ready to be enjoyed and without needing any additional work in order to maintain it.


  • One port specially designed to compress and direct the big size debris in a quick way without the risk of creating a blockage.
  • The flat design flush with the floor with smooth rims in order to not be an obstacle for the swimmer.
  • A safe drain which has many *"Anti-Trapping" security layers It is the only drain which actually is in compliance with all the strict security rules of United States
  • An incorporated hydrostatic port with a separate access and an optional blockage.
  • Auxiliary port for an emergency drain.
  • Emergency drain in the same kit.
  • Leveling ring incorporated (7º of adjusting).
  • Security screws in order to limit the access of people to manipulate the installation.
  • Available in eight different colors to be able to adapt it to the lining of the pool.
  • Recommended for Swimming Pools, Spa's, Fountains, Vaults, etc, always when the dirt is needed to be taked out effectively and safely.

 * Anti- Trap effect: 

The "trap" is referring to the accidents that may happen when a swimmer remains stuck by the drain due to an excessive aspiration. It can happen in swimming pools, hot springs or spas. In the majority of the cases, the accidents are happening because the drain was not protected, the drain cover has not "anti-vortex" capability, or because a secondary emergency drain is missing. Knowing the "trap" effect, in the last twenty years changed the norms and regulation of building swimming pools, forcing the builders to install an "anti-trap" security system which will make impossible those type of accidents.

The last active drains manufactured by Paramount Pools are MDX2 and MDXR3. These drains are in compliance with all the norms and regulations which exists in the United States and they are very efficient in the installations with integrated in-floor cleaning systems, getting out all the dirt collected by the cleaning nozzles.

  • Manuals English / Spanish
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