PCC 2000 - The automatic cleaning system for concrete pools

Puts the dirt from the pool in the right place.

The Integrated In-floor Cleaning and Circulation System for Pools and Spas, Paramount PCC 2000, together with the MDX Active Drain nand the Debris Canister works like no other existing cleaning system in the world! The PCC 2000 Cleaning and Circulation System sweeps the floor of the pool, the walls, the stairs, the underwater benches and any corner of the pool; the dirt is directed to the "Active Collection Zone" where the MDX active drain is collecting and sends it to the Debris Canister which is nothing else but a big basket container located closer the pool, similar to a skimmer. The size, the placement of the Debris Canister and it's clear cover, it does allow a quick inspection of the Canister and an easy and convenient access, giving an extraordinary autonomy of the entire system.

PCC 2000 is the only system in the world which has its "Active Collection Zone" who increases its cleaning power, reducing considerably the cleaning time compared with any other cleaning system.

The residues which are swept by the PCC 2000 cleaning nozzles, are getting to the "active collection zone", an area which has a very powerful flow stream oriented towards the MDX Active Drain. The exit of the residues is forced by the water curtain and helped by the innovative design of the MDX Active Drain, which allows to go out from the pool the big dimmension residues like palm leaves or even plastic bags that are by accident in the pool. All the dirt is sent to the Debris Canister which, due to its size, increases the autonomy of the entire system. This process prevents the accumulation of the dirt on the top and around the drain, which is a very common fact in the regular pools.

The dirt accumulated in the Debris Canister prevent the problems in the pipes and also protect the circulation pump. In the pools where the Debris Canister is not installed, the dirt is directed towards the pump which is causing blockage including breakage of the pump baskets. The Canister clear cover, and the fact that the Debris Canister is located closer the pool makes the inspection and the emptying of the residues very easy and convenient.

The system works so well that your mind is free of concerns.

PCC 2000 cleans the pool with the help of the nozzles placed strategically in the Pool floor. The nozzles are of a very advanced technology which was developed according and with the help of the swimming pool builders who gave their practical advices regarding the in floor cleaning systems since 1967. The PCC 2000 nozzles power of cleaning is unique in the world, therefore with the installation of a very few units there are large surfaces cleaned. Due to this there are important savings in materials, labor and time for the swimming pool builders. The performance and the aesthetics of the pool are perfect for the pool owners.

The Paramount patented PCC 2000, is an in-floor cleaning and circulation system manufactured in eight different colors which are adaptable to the interior of the pool color, making it practically invisible. PCC 2000 cleans automatically stairs, underwater benches, and underwater seats including SPAs.

The PCC 2000 nozzle colours:

PCC Colores

The nozzles installed in the floor are gruoped in "Cleaning Zone's" which clean the pool in a sequential way by receiving the high pressured water from a Hydraulic Distribution Valve. When the Distributing Valve activates one "Cleaning Zone", the nozzles which are part of it, are rising off the floor and start sweeping the zone with powerful under pressure water. The "Cleaning Zones" are activated starting with the shallow end and ending with the deep end zones of the pool. In this way the dirt is "removed" in an ordered way following determined rules. After 45-90 seconds of working time, the jets are getting back in the floor of the pool, rotating to a new position, getting ready for the next cleaning phase.

The PCC 2000 system is using two basic jets installed in the floor of the pool. The Rotating jets, are rotating 360 degrees and they are the ones in charge of the "Cleaning Zone's" in order to move the dirt towards the "Collection Zone". The Fixed jets are installed closer the MDX Active Drain , they do not rotate and they are important components of the "Collection Zone", creating a water curtain which is directing the dirt towards the drain. An important part of the PCC 2000 System is given to "Down Jets" which are wall nozzles, helping the fixed nozzles work and also clean the most difficulties areas of the pool.

Saving in the cost of the Chemical products

(The distribution of the chemical products is better)

Savings in the cost of the pool heating

(More time to use the pool)

V ordinary pool V Pool saves pool

Paramount PCC2000 saves the costs of chemical products due to the circular movement of the pool water, from the bottom towards the surface, and of the side walls.

The efficient and complete circulation of the pool water is cutting the chemical products consumption and saves money, meanwhile the water of the pool is healthy from the surface all the way down to the bottom.

The swimming pool water has 4 basic layers of contamination, which contains floating dirt, the natural oils of the skin, the sort and particles of bacteria in suspension. A better circulation of water is getting through all the layers resulting in a better sanitizing treatment, reaching all corners and zones, eliminating also the water cold spots that are ordinary problems in regular pools without a cleaning system.

The PCC 2000 system is getting through all the contaminated areas in order to reduce the quantity of chemical products required to maintain a swimming pool safe and healthy. With its powerful nozzles, besides cleaning the pool effectively, is also moving the water from the bottom towards the surface.

The PCC 2000 is converting the pool in a solar heating pool. This means that it takes advantage of the heat of the sun which is heating the surface to distribute it evenly. If the pool has a heating pump, the operational costs of electricity are substantially reduced.
This much better water circulation eliminates all the cold water zones since the heated water is distributed uniformly, from the bottom towards the surface.



In 12 months, a customer spends:

Paramount System saves:

Chemical Products:

Up to 50% more usage of the Disinfectants.

250 to 300 € aprox. 100 €/year


Better heating up to 40% because of the efficient distribution and circulation of the water.

500 to 1000 € aprox. 200 €/year

Electricity Costs

The water treatment equipment works only a fraction of time.

240 to 300 € according to 40 to 50 € / month in season aprox. 100 €/year
More: Paramount System converts the swimming pool in a pool heated by the sun.   Savings up to 400/year
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