Pool Valet - The automatic cleaning system for concrete pools.

About Pool Valet

Pool Valet Cleaning System was invented in 1967 and was the first automatic cleaning system manufactured by Paramount Pool & Spa Systems. His innovative design is based on a network of nozzles that are inside the pool floor, inside fountains or Spa´s floors, which grouped together in cleaning zones, clean all the area with pressured water coming from the main pool. The nozzles are installed in the floor of the pool, on the benches or on the stairs, and they clean any surface and corner regardless the shape of the pool; they do return back to their place, flat with the surface once the work is done. The nozzles are hidden in the pool floor, therefore they do not bother at all, the pool users. Using the main filtration pump system in any domestic, small or medium size pool , turns it in a high efficiency pool with an automatic maintenance at a very low operational cost. Pool Valet works when the Filtration System works as well, without any other additional costs. In the medium size pools or with incompatible filtration systems, it is used an additional pump which is supplying the nozzles with pre-filtered water from the main pool and is working while the filtration system is on.

Pool Valet system works with a Distributor Valve which is sending the water from the pump to different cleaning zones. The working time of the Valve is calculated thru a hydraulic effect, therefore the Valve does not need any additional elements in order to program it. The ingenious internal mechanism of the Distribution Valve works with the water flow and pressure, it is completely hydraulic and has an exceptional durability and reliability.

Due to its exceptional durability, the cleaning nozzles do not have any mechanism to make them work, just like the Distribution Valve. The Pool Valet system is still installed now a days, starting with year 1967, although it is been more advanced as time went by.

By just sweeping the pool, the dirt gets set in some areas and does not get out of the pool. The Pool Valet System was improved by adding the MDX Active Drain, which role is to precisely get the dirt swept by the Pool Valet's nozzles. This dirt is sent to a big Pre-Filter, the Debris Canister which deposits the residues to be eliminated ulteriorly. The  MDX Active Drain and the Debris Canister are very important elements in order the Pool Valet system works properly.

Advantages of the Pool Valet System

Pool Cleaning and Water Circulation in one, single system.

The only system in the world without any moving parts inside their nozzles - there is no need for any maintenance.

The dual method of cleaning eliminates the possibility of having dirty areas - the swimming pool remains totally clean and healthy.

The technology it has been tested as the nozzles are installed in the entire world since 1967.

The jets have an exclusive design for a better cleaning!

No maintenance - no mobile parts, springs or any other tearable components.

Complete cleaning - Each nozzle discharge a double jet of water eliminating any dirt, the entire swimming pool area is covered by the nozzles cleaning radius, without leaving any place uncovered.

The jets - are getting up and are rotating sequentially in such manner that every cycle of cleaning leaves the zones clean and healthy.

The entire pool is controlled - the stairs, the underwater chairs and benches and the integrated spas are all included in the same cycle of cleaning.

Comfort and security - when the swimming pool is clean, the jets are getting back into the floor of the pool hiding the view of them.

Automatically cleaning while the swimming pool is still used.

Pool Valet is cleaning any part of the swimming pool without leaving dirt on the stairs, benches, underwater chairs or spas.

The System is working without any cables or hoses and without having to be supervised. You can take advantage of the swimming pool while the pool is cleaning itself, not interfering with anything.

The swimming pool is aesthetically pleasant to the eye because the pool is always clean. The absence of the cables or hoses, floating devices or robots, gives a perfect view of the pool.

The distributing valve is completely hydraulic, working without electricity.

The sequence of the cycle is automatic and a button which has two positions gives the possibility to manually control the functioning any time is necessary.

The unique system with a modular design which makes the installation very easy and less costly, a system easily to troubleshoot. This system gives less problems to the end customer.

The economical working, there is no need of extra electricity or any additional sources, only the main pool water.

Old conventional systems without Pool Valet

Old swimming pools, without a Pool Valet cleaning system, create zones without an efficient water circulation, so the Algae can grow and the final user has to use much more chemical products to fight against them. The bad water circulation also creates a superficial layer of sun heated water, causing a quick evaporation and also creating cold water spots in the swimming pool.

Pools with Pool Valet

The chemical products are dissolved and dispensed efficiently and the heat distribution is taking place from the bottom of the pool - which results in an extreme savings on chemical products and since the pool is heated from the floor up, reduce the electrical costs and water evaporation.

The MDX Active Drain

Design especially as a part of the In Floor Cleaning System, the MDX takes the dirt out of the pool.

The Debris Canister

Installed as a pre-filter in between the pump suction and the drain, retains big quantities of residues, protecting the pump and giving a big functional autonomy of the entire system.
Easy to check and empty the dirt from inside basket. Retains 400% more debris than a conventional pump basket.


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