PV3 - The automatic in-floor cleaning and circulation system for concrete pools.

What it is PV3?

PV3 is an in-floor cleaning system, which cleans automatically your swimming pool with jets of under pressure water. It is considered the most versatile, efficient and modern Circulation and Cleaning System in the market today. Efficient, because one single nozzle cleans an equivalent surface of 4,65 square meters, which means that besides being the most efficient systems it is also the most powerful in the industry. The cleaning radius of each nozzle installed in the swimming pool or spa is 2 meters. This means less nozzles installed on the same surface which ultimately means less work, less pipes and less time to finish building a pool.

With a variety of 8 different colors which match almost any type of tile, with the easiness of installing them directly in 63mm pipes (16 NP) without the need of any additional adaptor, PV3 is also the most versatile system.

The eight different Colors of the PV3 nozzles :

PV3 colors tops cl


PV3 is using efficiently the not mechanical nozzles in order to clean the pool in big circles, without letting drawings to form on pool floor. The drawings can take place on the floor of the pool, spa, fountain or around a nozzle due to time and due to the fact that through these nozzles is circulating clean water, chemically treated and sometimes heated. This clear water which comes out pressurized, can form drawings at the bottom of the pool with in time, especially when the cleaning nozzle is a mechanical concept. Why PV3 does not have this inconvenience? If we analyze the types of the floor nozzles, we can observe that every time one nozzle turns, it is due to a mechanism which forces the water to get out always in an established direction. The nozzle always moves according to its mechanism and it is sending pressured water in one direction, repeating this movement in the same direction every cleaning cycle. With the PV3 nozzle this will not happen because the origin of the turn is determined by a hydraulic effect not a mechanical one. In other words, the PV3 nozzle will never send the water in the same direction as before, therefore the floor of the pool will always be evenly clean without any drawings.

The basis concepts of PV3 System are the simplicity and the safety. Since the functioning principle is hydraulic not mechanical, the nozzle does not have any problematic components (like springs or screws)and it does not have any complicated mechanism to make it turn. For that reason there is no maintenance and under normal circumstances the functioning of the system is equivalent with the duration of the swimming pool. Equally important is the fact that PV3 is installed inside a strong rigid PVC pipe (63mm 16NP), in order to insure a long life with a strong resistance. Protect your investment and do not use thin pipes in your swimming pool !. It is well known that the cement has a dilatation and contraction coeficient which depend on many factors. The more resistant the pipes used, the less probabilities of water leaks or pipes breakages inside or under the swimming pool.

The PV3 includes our patented high flow water valve, made especially to the European metric size. Available from 2 to 12 ports, it does not need any additional pumps for large swimming pools. The in and out ports are prepared for 63mm pipes and on the top of the valve is a pressure gauge very useful for checking the system performance. Also with a button you can pause the system in order to clean for a longer period of time a determined area (for example a Spa). The Distributing Valves manufactured by Paramount are 4 models:

  • 2 Ports (for model pools, Spa's or for very small pools)
  • 6 Ports (the most used for private pools)
  • 9 Ports (for big private pools and commercial pools)
  • 12 Ports (for big commercial pools)

All the Valves are running without electricity, with the water that is provided from a pump - a concept that exists in the United States since 1967, and in the Spanish and European market since the 80's. There is no doubt of the reliability of this system.

  • Installation Manual (pdf)
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