Vanquish - The automatic cleaning system for Liner pools

vanquishnozzleLowres With a power that has no equal, each "Vanquish" nozzle cleans a really big area, therefore, with very few nozzles installed the entire pool is covered and the cleaning is absolutely automatic. In a century where all sectors are automatized in all areas, it seems impossible to think of building a pool without an in-floor integrated cleaning system. It is the most simple and convenient way to always have a clean pool without any effort, besides the savings in chemical products and electric power. 


Designed for the security of the "Liner", the installation is simple and resembles the installation of any fitting for this type of pool. The "Vanquish" cleaning system " cleans 99% of the swimming pool directing automatically and very silently the dirt towards the drain where is eliminated. While the system is working and cleaning, the pool can be enjoyed, because "Vanquish" does not need cables or hoses to clean. These are the reasons for our motto:

 Enjoy your Pool while Vanquish Cleans!

"The water circulation due to the Vanquish system will save money in electricity cost and chemical products"

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The nozzles location is calculated by specialized computer software to clean coveringr any interior surface, corners, steps, underwater benches, seats or spa's. The pool will always be ready without any effort. "Vanquish" works together with the filtration system.

MDX Active Drain 

An important part of the Cleaning System - Takes out the debris that goes at the bottom of the pool as leaves, grass, plants, plastic bags or any other dirt that goes inside the pool. Some of the Kids toys can be also found inside the Debris Canister once MDX take them out from the Pool.

MDXR3WhiteBW product


The unique Active Drain in the market that comes with security features as SDX wall inlet, security screws, 75 mm wide port and Hydrostatic port.

MDX it is manufactured in the same colours as the Cleaning Nozzles to match with the pool finish.

The "Vanquish"  nozzles  clean the floor of the pool, the walls and the stairs, and direct the dirt in the area closer to the drain. In this area, the powerful "Down Jets" are in charge with sending all the dirt directly to the drain to be eliminated completely. In the case the pool is located in an environment that generates big amounts of debris, such as by a forest, or by trees or plants, the installation of a Debris Canister is more than reccomended. This device is really importat because if the pool has a "Vanquish" system, it will send the dirt, directly to the pump basket. Knowing that the pumps are located in an equipment room, together with all the filtration system, the cleaning of the pump basket  is always missed or forgotten. If there is too much dirt that arrives quickly to the pump basket, the filtration system is not working properly, it may cause a malfunction of the pump due to the lack of flow or in worst cases can broke the pump basket and send the dirt to the impeller. The "Paramount Debris Canister" installation, is the solution of all these problems. With its installation, closer to the pool, with its transparent cover, its huge bag that can be empty in seconds and its capacity - four times bigger than a conventional pump basket, the "Paramount Debris Cansiter" is making the difference.

Vanquish System Cleans with all nozzles, the Pool Floor, the walls, steps, underwater benches, seats, cleans the Spa and every corner that the customer wants to be cleaned. Once the dirt is taked out by the Active Drain, it is stored inside the high capacity Debris Canister. The customer just have to check the Canister the same way it checks the Skimmers and empty it when it's full.

DDC2 Front CutAway


The "Liner" is a pool finish  with an incredible variety of colors. For this reason, the  "Vanquish" nozzles are manufactured with a diversity of colors adapted to the pool color. Today, Paramount Pools is supplying the "Vanquish" system in eight different colors which makes a difference in the European market. 

vinil tr poolVanquish diversity of colours make the entire system almost invisible!

Almost all the accessories inside the pool are of a white brilliant color which sometimes doesn't match with the pool interior color. The "Vanquish" System with its variety of 8 different colors is adapting to the color of the pool to make it almost invisible.

Installation Guide:





Vanquish Body RingGS
Vanquish Kit Rotating White 006 009 2121 UE-VANQ-KR0-01
Down Jet Kit White 001 009 3534 UE-RL00-500-01
Distributor valve 6 ports European x 63 mm 004 009 2206 UE-VD06-100-01
Debris Canister Complete (Lid & Ring included) 005 009 3499 UE-CRM0-630-02
Vanquish Installation Tool 004 009 3458 UE-VANQ-HS0-00


Vanquish Body White 004 009 3480


Vanquish Nozzle White 004 009 3370


PoolValetinstall toolGS2


Vanquish Installation Tool

Vanquish Body Gaskets Kit 005 009 3475


Vanquish Stainless Steel Screws Set * 005 009 0030


Vanquish Adapter (riser) 034 100 1001


Vanquish Reducing Elbow  ** 001 009 3455


Vanquish Body Cap 004 009 3464


Vanquish Body Ring White 001 009 3426


*    5 Units Pack    
* * Reducing Elbow from 2" 1/2 at 63 mm    
  • Installation Manual (english)
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