About In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems

If we talk about In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems, we talk about equipment who has been designed exclusively to reduce big amount of swimming pool maintenance. The philosophy of "The pool is to enjoy it, no to be a slave to it", it is present in almost all Paramount Pools products. The same way it occur in Garden and Patio environment, when a customer wants to plant grass around his home, he find out that to plant it, was the easiest step. Once it is planted, the Grass require a regular maintenance as cutting it or watering it and this maintenance require time and money. Even if in the Swimming pool maintenance field we can find many alternatives, starting with the simply hire of some company to keep it clean, buying a cleaning robot or by let the customer to do it by itself, the easiest and cheapest way it is to have an In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation System installed.

If we compare the In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation System with the Robot Cleaners, we can see from the beginning that the Robot Cleaner prices may vary from hundreds of dollars to thousands, depending on the Robot Cleaner sophistication. Even the more complete and sophisticate Robot Cleaner will never clean 100% of the pool, will not clean the underwater Steps or benches or any other inside pool obstacle. All the Robot Cleaners have to be surveilled, most of them catching the dirt and storage it in bags and baskets that have to be checked and cleaned with frequency. A full basket means no more cleaning till it is emptied. All Robot Cleaners have to work while the pool it is without Users, have to be mounted and disassembled very similar with a home vacuum cleaner. Depending on the type of the pool surface finished, on the pool shape and on the work frequency, a Robot Cleaner has a lot of replacing parts that has to be revised and changed. Those parts are not easy to identify, to find and to replace, most of them are not cheap, so a customer has to consider all these facts before buy one.

Many customers were asking why the In-Floor Cleaning Systems are not as popular as the Robot Cleaners. There comes the reasons:

- The most common reason is lack of materials and lack of the installation methods. For this reason, some companies have failed attempt to install Pool Valet based Cleaning Systems, and in some cases even the Original Pool Valet Cleaning and Circulation System.

In the market there are several manufacturers of In floor cleaning systems, similar to Pool Valet, but do not meet the basic requirements to ensure proper operation. The reality is that installing an Integrated Cleaning System is an important responsibility for the fact that it is a permanent installation where fix something bad installed, it becomes very expensive once the pool is build.

Many installation companies reduce costs by opting to install an In-Floor Cleaning System similar to those produced by Paramount Pools. In many cases, the budgets presented to clients are proposing a "Pool Valet System type" which is actually manufactured by another company, or in as many cases manufactured by several companies. Many systems are installed hybrid type which means: a distribution control valve from a manufacturer, the cleaning nozzles and Drains from other manufacturer, just to try to minimize costs. In these cases we must say that the guarantees of the products are affected by incompatibilities between products. The distributor control valve that distributes the flow to cleaning nozzle is made to work with a determined flow and pressure that is regulated by the nozzles of the system. If the nozzles are changed, the flow is not the same, pressures either, so the distributor valve is exposed to a job out of the original proposal.

The truth is that the In-Floor Cleaning System was invented in the United States and it took 20 years to reach Europe. In reality many prestigious companies have installed these systems correctly pioneering at the time, translating the installation manuals, training their people in the United States and trying to give customers an impeccable service. If something can be well done, it can be in all fields, and the pools field too. However, at a large-scale, these In-Floor Cleaning Systems, have not worked as well, for the reason that they are not an ideal product to be distributed. A distribution company is dedicated to buy and sell the material so they usually unknown the details of installation, the correct methods, tricks to avoid mistakes.... Etc. Distribute this material is a much greater responsibility than distributing Robot Cleaners. If a Robot Cleaner does not work, it just changed to a new one. If a Cleaning System is installed wrong, the remedy is more expensive than the main installation. We must also say that there are distribution companies with a highly qualified and responsible personnel who have understood this material and have treated it as it deserves, but unfortunately do not represent the majority.

- Another reason why the In-Floor Cleaning System is installed on an occasional basis, is the lack of knowledge by the end user. Many times a future pool owner is guided by what he has seen so far, a relative swimming pool or a neighbor swimming pool. As having a pool was until recently a few accessible field, information about pools, was also scarce. In the market until today, there are very few specialty magazines and inside you can find more distributors and manufacturers advertising then real pool owner’s experiences, so reading them is left more confused than before. Every company tries to bring the best out of their products so it is difficult to decide on one or the other. No more to say that In-Floor Cleaning System manufactured by Paramount Pools are installed in large part thanks to customers who already have it installed, tested for years and recommend to family and friends. Our recommendation to have an optimally functional In-Floor Automatic Cleaning System in your future pool, is that demands your installer the product produced by Paramount Pools, be the Original Pool Valet, the PV3 (the new Pool Valet), the PCC 2000, Vanquish System for Liner pools or Vantage System for One-Piece Pools (fiberglass pools). We supply free of charge the installation layout for every pool, to distributors, dealers or end users. We advise any company or individual on the proper installation of the system and also on the correct interpretation of the installation drawings. Ensure the installer follow-up the installation layout and the installation manual, when installing the In-Floor Cleaning System. It is important that the cleaning nozzles installed in the pool, the Distributor Valve, Active Main Drain and Debris Canister are original in order the system operate optimally.

About HIDROZONE - Water without Chemicals

Water treatment without chemicals, at an affordable cost is a relatively recent achievement. The big difference between a chlorinated pool by using chlorine tablets or a salt chlorinator it is shown in the bather’s eyes and lack of chlorine odor. The HIDROZONE disinfection method, is based on the combination of the hydrolysis process and ozone.

How It Works?

The Hidrozone Disinfection Equipment consists of a Hydrolysis Processor and an Ozone Generator.


Hydrolysis Process occurs in an electrolytic titanium cell where it breaks the water molecule with a minimum of water conductivity (500MS) into very powerful oxidant agents such as OXYGEN PEROXIDE, HYDROXYLS, OZONE and other oxidant elements. As the water flow passes through the hydrolysis cell, the oxidizing agents are generated. This way HIDROZONE fight, oxidizes and eliminates the existing organic matter in the water. Oxidants generated become H2O and O2 once they get back to the pool.


The OZONE GENERATOR produces Ozone from air entering the device and puts it in the pool water. The significant amount of ozone produced (1 g / m3 / h) as well as the method of mixing it with the water gives the effect of a massive bacteria, virus and algae elimination and also the disappearance of odors and flavors that water can have. The big difference between the use of Chlorine or Bromine, is the lack of chemical residuals inside the water. Once oxidized the impurities Ozone transforms into Oxygen, giving the water a special clarity, similar with the healthy mountain rivers water.


The water is controlled at all times using Redox (oxidation) sensors, pH sensors and flow sensors. The Redox sensor once detect the optimal oxidation of water, sends a stop signal to the hydrolysis reaction, reducing power consumption and increasing the lifetime of all components. Once the water need disinfectants again, the Redox Sensor will start the Hydrolysis Process and the Ozone Generation.The pH Sensor, controls the water pH all times and if any deviation detected it starts the pH regulation system. The Flow sensor, monitor the correct amount of water circulating thru the System, and if any fault detected, sends a signal to stop the process and check the installation. Optionally can be added additional sensors and control functions in accord with the needs of each pool or Spa.

Low maintenance.

Being completely automatic, the device requires no maintenance. In cases where the water conductivity does not exceed the required by the device, it has to be adjusted manually to optimal conditions.

Simple and Easy Installation.

The installation of a Hidrozone Device it is simple and easy for both, new and existing pools. The electrolytic cell it has to be always installed in a 'bypass' on the water outlet from the filter and the Hidrozone Device has to be connected to always run when the filtration system works.

Quick payback.

Regardless of the pool dimension or water volume, the Hidrozone Device is amortized over a very short period of time due to the full elimination of all chemicals used, such as chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, flocculants, algae killers .... Etc. All the money spent regularly on these chemical products becomes an annual profit in short time.

Water quality.

It is not the same bathing in water containing free chlorine, chloramines, algae killers, and flocculants, or bathe in pure, well oxygenated water without these chemicals. Anyone who has swum in a public pool that is disinfected with chlorine, remember the eyes irritation and the strong smell of chlorine. The Hidrozone treated water has no chlorine, no bromine nor any other chemical disinfectant added, no chemical algae killers, no chlorine smell no flavors and is perfectly clear.

About Smart Filtration System


The Smart Filter System are part of the same philosophy as the In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems: "The pool is to enjoy it, no to be a slave to it"

Since 2001, we have received requests from some customers who needed special filters for south areas of Spain (Almeria) and Europe (southern Italy and Greece) where water is scarce or expensive. Working hard we have obtained these filters called Smart.

Manufactured by a partner company, these filters have the following characteristics that make them special:

Filter surface of 37 m2. The ability to filter the pool water is about 120 times higher than a regular sand filter that is installed (600 mm) for average size pools (8.00 m x 4,00 m). In other words, installing this filter would be the equivalent of installing 120 regular sand filters for the same size pool.

Significant savings in water consumption.

Sand filters base their work on passing the water through the filter material which is sand. The sand traps dirt and when it gets too dirty has to be cleaned. The Sand Filter it is cleaned by changing the water flow direction, so the dirt goes back from where entered. The same sand filter selector valve when it is changed in filter cleaning position, changing the water outlet to the general drainage and dirty water instead of returning to the pool, is diverted to the general drain.

This means that each time the sand filter is dirty, the drain throw large amounts of water (for a 600 mm filter the approximate amount of water used is 350 l wasted each time). The frequency of the filters become dirty depends on the capacity of the filter (in Spain and France are typically installed filters with very small capacity to reduce installation costs), the use of the pool and the environment where the pool it is located. For the same pool, a filter with a bigger filter capacity (or filter surface) shall be cleaned less then a filter with less filtering capacity, because having more capacity, will collect more dirt and therefore take longer to fill. By changing the 600 mm Sand filter with a Smart Filter is as if we had installed 120 units of a 600 mm sand filter, therefore have to clean 120 times less. Actually the cleaning frequency of Smart Filter is somewhat greater by the fact that the filter retains microscopics impurities (up to 10 microns) which normally pass trhu the Sand Filter.

If we make a simple calculation, we can see the difference.

350l x 2 = 750 l of water spent in a month or 9000 liters of water waste in one year with a sand filter installed, compared to a maximum of 60 l needs to clean a Smart Filter in the same time period. (It takes into consideration that in a medium size pool, under normal use, during high season - Summer, the sand filter is cleaned once a week, while in low season - Winter, cleaned once a month).

Water quality.

The filtered water quality of the Smart Filter is far greater than any sand filter. Smart Filter retains impurities up to 10 microns. In the case of the sand filters, retain impurities up to 30 microns, all the smaller, passes through the filter and goes back to the pool (ie the remains of sunscreen).

Although hard to believe, installers who have installed the Smart filters have congratulated us on the quality of water and they were impressed with the water clarity. This is especially important because the installers, by installing different kinds of filters, are those who can really appreciate the differences between different types of filters.

Minimal maintenance.

By having a much bigger filtering capacity then the sand or diatomaceous earth filters, the Smart filters are cleaned with a much lower frequency.

In a medium size pool (8, 00 m x 4.00 m) a 600 mm sand filter it is cleaned at least twice a month, the Smart filter is cleaned once a year.

In combination with a Smart Cyclonic Pre-Filter, the Smart Filter cleaning frequency can be reduced to a cleaning every two or three years with an insignificant amount of water wasted.

Simple installation.

The Smart filters are installed quite easier than sand filters by not having a selector valve that requires multiple connections. Smart Filter it simply having an input and an output. No connection is required to the general drain.

Pressure resistance.

The Smart filters resist up to 3.5 bar pressure. Sand filters usually installed, resist up to 2 bars.

Filter material.

Unlike many installation companies or installers think, the Smart Filters have a filter material made of polyester, polypropylene and vinyl plastisol. This type of filter material is used in many fluid filtration applications, from more than 30 years.

About Underwater Smart LED Lights

The lighting of the pools until recently was based on submersible spotlights fitted with sealed bulbs, incandescent type. The spotlights were provided with special niches that were built on the pool wall and were connected to a transformer that turned the AC 220 V to 12 V AC. As an alternative to a white light color that were applied filters to the spotlight to change the color of light. Soon appeared alternatives such as Optical Fiber which simply transmitting the light from an incandescent bulb through the optical fiber to the pool and its surroundings. In the case of the optical fiber, by the fact that the light source could be mounted away from the pool, was added an electric motor with a disc to move color filters applied to the halogen lamp. Thus, the user could choose the color of the lighting of the pool, between the colors present on the disk (used to have the White, Red, Green and Blue). After the fiber optic lights in the market appeared Underwater Lights with a similar optical mechanism: an electric motor and a disc with color filters that could stop at the desired color. As you might imagine, this lighting concept had a high cost and a significant failure rate. Since a few years ago, LED based technology offers many improvements against the traditional lighting. To begin, the consumption-based LED bulbs are up to 20 times lower than traditional lighting bulbs with an acceptable luminous power. The other important factor is the life, a LED bulb can reach up to 100,000 hours lifetime, compared to 4000 h of life of an incandescent bulb. In the third place but not least is the fact that the bulb-based LED can be programmed to illuminate with different fixed colors, with colors changing automatically synchronized between two or more lights installed, can display the same program at the same time or can illuminate each with its own program. Another aspect to consider is the fact that they have no mechanism exposed to mechanical wear. In the case of LED lights for swimming pools, do not use the pool water as coolant as incandescent bulbs, and are not at risk of burn if powered out of water.

LED Light for New Swimming Pools.

The range of Smart LED lights, begins with a Full Complete Light, ready to be installed in any type of pool: prefabricated pool, liner pool, concrete or pebble pool. This Complete Light has within 8 lighting programs from where 5 are fixed colors (White, Blue, Green, Purple and Turquoise) and 3 are changing colors that changing automatically. This Complete Light is recommended for new pools.

LED Light for Existing Pools.

For existing pools that already have a lighting installation, the Smart range includes Standard LED Bulbs (European PAR 56), adaptable to 99% of the Underwater Lights of the European market. In this range include LED White light bulbs, LED bulbs with 16 lighting programs (RGB) and LED bulbs with one program.

The standard PAR 56 LED bulbs white light is composed of up to 252 white LED units and light with a consumption of up to 30 watts (instead of 300 watts usually spend by incandescent bulbs).

The standard LED bulb PAR 56 with 16 lighting programs are available in two versions: with 252 LED units and 546 LED units. Of course, the 546 LED units bulb it's powerful then the 252 LED bulb. They are also the most expensive.

PAR56 bulbs one program are the most economical and spend less energy (15 watts). Note that these bulbs are only provided with a program that once lit, light with 3 colors which changing automatically (Red, Green and Blue). These bulbs are not synchronized between them so each illuminates with its own program.

Lighting in existing pools without electrical installation.

For older pools where there nobody plans a lighting installation, the Smart range offers Smart Flat LED Complete Light.

These Complete LED Lights are supplied with all components to can be easy installed in old or new pools. The installation is very simple, similar to a light wall sconce. Their advantage is that being applied on the pool wall and since the wall it is not perforated, there is no risk for water leaks. Its simple installation make them ideal for installation in existing pools without prior electrical installation and in the last years are also installed in new pools. The characteristics of these Flat lights are similar to the PAR56 bulb lamps, with the difference that only 252 LED version is supplied.

Installation of Smart Bulbs or complete LED Lights is simpler than traditional bulbs for the simple fact that they do not need transformers for each bulb or light installed, it is recommended that all LED lights of a pool, spa or fountain to connect to a single transformer.



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