PV3 - The automatic in-floor cleaning and circulation system for concrete pools.

An automatic in-floor cleaning system that cleans the pool while you swim

Pool Valet - The automatic cleaning system for concrete pools.

The most popular in-floor cleaning system for swimming pools. ...

PCC 2000 - The automatic cleaning system for concrete pools

The most effective automatic in-floor cleaning system for concrete poo...

Vanquish - The automatic cleaning system for Liner pools

The best automatic cleaning and circulation system for Liner/Vinyl poo...


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Paramount manufactures the Active Drains, which are unique in safety and performances: MDX, MDX2, MDXR3.It is about the active drains, which do have an active...

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This device of high technology is producing ozone using the oxygen available in the air with a minimal cost. The ozone is introduced in the swimming pool wate...

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Underwater Complete New LED Lights or just standard PAR 56 bulbs with coloured light or RGB automatic color changes, low power (15-60 watts) and long life (10...

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The Paramount Pool & Spa Systems company was founded in 1964 as a result of a need in the world of the swimming pools. Due to the conflictive weather that exists especially in the summers of Arizona, with strong and frequent winds, storms that carry dirt and dust, the cleaning of the pools becomes a difficult task and the maintenance of them an impossible mission. The Paramount Pools objectve was, and it is today, to give the best solutions in the field of automatic maintenance of pools, fountains and Spa's. Paramount Pools was part of Paddock Pools - a swimming pool builder group which was a leader on building most of the best pools in Phoenix and Las Vegas area. Today, Paramount is the world leader in manufacturing Automatic In-Floor Cleaning Systems for any kind of pools, manufacturing and supplying Water Treatment Systems which simplify the pool maintenance without using chemical products.

Paramount Pools Europe opened in 2001, an office and a warehouse in Ripollet (Barcelona - Spain), in order to assist and service the customers of the Iberian Peninsula, Spain and Portugal. Beginning of 2003, Paramount started supplying products specialized in water treatment in the entire Europe, with a special focus on Smart Filtration Systems. These Systems are saving important quantities of fresh water, energy and chemical products. In 2010 , as a result of the demand of our customers, Paramount started supplying Hidrozone - An Ecological Water Treatment System which replace the use of ANY chemical products used for disinfecting the pool, spa or fountain water.

Today, Paramount Pools Europe focus is to supply advanced products, for swimming pools, spa's and fountains, which offer important savings in water, chemical products and electricity. Paramount Pools Spain supplies the installation layouts of all cleaning systems, the components of all In-floor Cleaning Systems, the Ecological Water Treatment System - the Hidrozone equipment, which maintains the freshness of the pool water without any chemical disinfectant product (without adding Chlorine) and the Smart Filtration Systems which saves more than 95% of fresh water.

Paramount Pools Europe supplies its products in Western Europe: Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. In the North of Europe we supply our products in: Sweden, Norway and in Eastern Europe in Romania and Moldavia.

Due to the superior quality of our products, the service that we offer and the loyalty of our customers, Paramount Pools Europe is continuously growing and expanding in the entire Europe.

Paramount Pools Europe

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