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The "Pebble" is a material used to give the swimming pools, fountains or Spa a natural finish. It is a natural stone, extracted from uniques beaches from the entire world, erosioned by the water, wind and sun. The erosion suffered gives them a round aspect and it naturally fits the coating of the pool. Due to the natural origin and the way that the pebble is applied to coat the pool, the coating is considered hadcrafted. The "Pebble" is offered in basic colors such as white, gray,  golden (the color of the sand beaches), black, a mixture of these colors, a mixture which brigs natural or artificial pigmentation creating unique colors. The natural color of "Pebble" it is in accord with the unique mine where it was extracted from: the White extracted from New Zealand and Australia, the Grey colour from Australia, the Brown (sand color) from Australia and United States, the black from Chile and Mexico, etc. Each extraction point offers an unique color, therefore the Black extracted from Chile is different than the Black extracted from Mexico.

Used frequently as a pool finish in Australia and United States, the "pebble" is less common in Europe due to the distance in between Europe and the extraction mines. The disposability of the product it is conditioned by the freight cost which increase year after year, and the delivery time.

One of the unconditional advantage of the material is the natural aspect which it is given to any pool, spa or fountain. The nice at touch, the unique colors, the round shape are just a few aspects that impact a pool coated with this material. The "Pebble" is applied very easy in the pools, fountains or spas of any shape or size. The usual customers of this type of pool finish are the Water Parks and the Hotels.

Due to its natural origin, the "pebble" offers a lasting coating. For better results and longer life is very important that the company that does the coating being well prepared and trained.

The "Pebble" application is simple, but it is strongly recommended that the work be done only by the specialized applicators, in order to have a quality finish. The "Pebble" it has to be mixed with a special cement, sometimes with natural or artificial pigments, additives or aditional elements, according with the final colour choosed by the customer. The tools used to apply the material are also special, adapted to this type of work.

Details regarding WetEdge Pebble:

Due to the quality that gives to any swimming pool, Spa or fountain, the "Pebble" is a desirable material and many times copied. The only companies that extract and process this product are in Australia, New Zealand and United States. "WetEdge Technologies" is one of the companies that has his own mines, extracts and process this material, guaranties the high quality of the product and a also a continuity. The final products are of an exceptional quality, and the colors supplied are unique. "WetEdge Technologies" being familiar with the companies who apply pebble reguraly, developed special tools for an optimal application of the material.

As an example we show different "Pebble" colours as a finished material on the left side and the resulting Color of Water at different depths on the right side.

White Pebble  Water color Brown Pebble  Water Color
glacialwhite glacialwhite2 nortshoregold nortshoregold2
Black Pebble  Water color Mixed Pebble  Water color
jetblack jetblack2 midnightblue midnightblue2




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