Cyclean - Automatic In-Floor Cleaning for Concrete Pools

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The Cyclean In-Floor Cleaning System is the newest system manufactured by Paramount Pool & Spa Systems. The nozzles are similar to the PV3 System, but with some light changes in order the entire system to work better and to reduce the cleaning time. Moreover, the changes are decreasing the possibility of making mistakes when installing the system, making the entire process much simple. The Cyclean jets have three distinct cleaning radiuses, each one of them being adjustable according to where the nozzle will be installed. The configuration for cleaning the top stairs, benches or underwater seats has two different radiuses. The bigger radius is used most of the time for cleaning the floor of the pool.

The Cyclean In-Floor Cleaning System includes the MDX Active Drain  and the Debris Removal Canister. The debris swept by the cleaning nozzles, is taken out by the MDX Active Drain and by the Skimmers or the Overflow and it is sent to the Debris Canister in order to be finally eliminated.

The simplicity of the Cyclean in-floor cleaning system, allows its installation in pools that are medium size, or smaller, using the same pump of the filtration system. By doing this, the pool owner does not have to buy an extra pump, and in the long run, the owner of the pool will save important expenses regarding the electricity by runing only one pump instead of two.

When the pool has installed a heating pump, or solar heating, the Cyclean nozzles  spread the heated water at the bottom of the pool, improving the even distribution of the heat, from the bottom up, decreasing the cooling of the water, therefore decreasing the working time of the heating system.

Cyclean In-Floor Cleaning System Details:

The Cyclean In-Floor Cleaning System includes:

One or several Distribution Valves . The Valves can be 2, 6, 9 or 12 ports.

A determined number of Cleaning Nozzles, grouped by zones, and distributed in the entire pool.

One or several MDX Active Drains, with the role of picking up the dirt and residues swept by the cleaning nozzles.

One or several Debris Removal Canisters, with the role of collecting the dirt and the residues swept by the cleaning nozzles and taken out by the MDX Active Drain.


Depending on the environment where the pool is situated and its complexity, there are optional items that can be installed such as cyclonical pre-filters, high flow skimmers or additional wall suction fittings like SDX.

The Cyclean In-floor cleaning system Installation Layouts, are given free to the pool builders, distributing companies and equipment installers.

Cyclean In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation System it is manufactured in 8 different colours:

From Left to Right:

- Taupe

- Beige

- Black

- Dark Grey

- Light Grey

- Light Blue

- White

- Dark Blue

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