TwirlyByrd - Therapy Spa Jet

Twirlybyrd - Spa Jets

In order to have a modern, confortable and relaxing Spa, your builder has to install the special nozzles that deliver the pressured water and air mixture in the ways the customer want them. Twirlybyrd Jet Nozzles are specially made to be easy installed in any Spa and to deliver the Water and Air in many different ways. The customer can choose between four interchangeable massage therapy Jet faceplates: Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Pulsating or Soft Stream, to create a relaxing Spa experience.

The unique advantage of installing Twirlybyrd Spa Jets, is the universal housing that allows the ability to change or move the therapy jet faceplates to different stations in your Spa with a simple twist. Choose different combinations for massage legs, back or other muscle groups. That`s the customer choice to mix and match the Spa Jets at his own way.

Five different designer colours to match most interior finishes for new pool construction or for upgrading any existing pool.



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AirBar - Pool & Spa Air

Create the look of a bubbling volcano, river rapids or an exciting aerated feature on your pool & spa floor, bench or shelf. Airbar is a channel system installed flush with the bottom of your pool that delivers a rush of bubbles, infusing life and excitement into still waters.


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