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Paramount manufactures the Active Drains, which are unique: MDX, MDX2, MDXR3.
It is about the active drains, which do have a role in cleaning the debris from the pools spa or fountains.

The Active Drains meet all the regulations and safety rules. These drains are only very effective because they remove the debris from inside the pool. They are manufactured and supplied in eight different colors in order to better match the finishing of any pool. These drains are to be installed only in Concrete Pools, Liner Pools and Prefabricated/One Piece Pools.

They are installed in conjunction with the Automatic In-Floor Cleaning System. They are also part of the Smart Filtering System which provides big savings in water, energy and chemicals.

More details on the "MDX" page.


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This device of high technology is producing ozone using the oxygen available in the air with a minimal cost. The ozone is introduced in the water of the pool for oxidizing the organic waste and for purifying the water of the pool in the most natural way.

More details on "Clear O3" page!



Underwater Lights or just complete standard PAR 56 bulbs with automatic color changes, low power (15-60 watts) and long life (100,000 h of operation). Availability of different models, a single program or up to 19 different lighting programs.

Details in  "Smart Aqua Light" page. 

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Smart Filters

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Smart Filter is a high capacity pool water filter. It has up to 120 times bigger capacity then a 600 mm sand filter. The working pressure it is up to 3,00 BAR and the water flow that works with it can be up to 35 m3/h. The filtration quality is much bigger then any sand filter, it retains particles 3 times smaller then a sand filter. It has no multi-ports valve so the water can run without any restriction. It is specially indicated in installations with In-Floor Cleaning Systems, it can reduce the fresh water consumption up to 95% and the electrical bill up to 50%.

Part of the Smart FIltration System, which provide with big savings in Fresh Water, Electrical Costs and Chemical Products.

More info on Smart Filter page!


Smart Skimmers

skimmers smart

The Smart Skimmers are a High Capacity Skimmers. Their inside Basket capacity is surprising bigger  then any other Skimmer in the market - holds up to 5.9 liter of debris -. Smart Skimmer comes with 2 bottom 63 mm ports, 3 auxiliary side 50 mm ports, an inside pressure cap and the outside Construction Cover. They are considered the biggest skimmers available in the market and the most complete. They are specially indicated to be installed with the In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems because of their high capacity. They gave the entire system a bigger autonomy. Part of the Smart Filtration System, they provide big savings on fresh water, electrical energy and chemical products.




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