Paramount Pool & Spa Systems was born in 1964 due to a necessity in the world of the swimming pools industry. Due to the climate of Arizona, especially in the summer, with strong and frequent winds, storms that bring dirt and sand inside the pools, the cleaning of the pools became a difficult task and the maintenance of the pools almost an impossible mission. Part of the Paddock Pools group which was a large pool builder company, the objective of Paramount was, and still today, to give the best solutions in the automatic maintenance of  the swimming pools, Spa's and fountains. Since the company started, its objective is to give effective solutions and simplify the maintenance of the pools, Spas and fountains, at a as low possible cost. As of today, Paramount is the leader in manufacturing the In-Floor Cleaning Systems, manufacturing and distributing Water Treatment Systems without adding chemical products.

In 1967, Paramount patented its first in-floor cleaning system for concrete pools called POOL VALET, which stands out by its simplicity of installation, its operation and for its unexpected efficiency.

After this successful system, the next concept was the VANQUISH In-floor cleaning and circulation system, for vinyl or liner pools followed by VANTAGE – for one piece pools, PCC-2000 for concrete pools, with its patented “water curtain”, PV3 and last but not least CYCLEAN, also for concrete pools.

Paramount Pool & Spa Systems, through its continuous improvement, is developing components, which change the basic cleaning systems, which besides cleaning by sweeping,  move away automatically the residues from inside the pools. The must have components already existing in an automatic pool, are the Active Drains like MDX, MDX2 or MDX-R3, which are high flow drains and extremely safe. These drains are removing the residues swept by the cleaning systems and send them to the Automatic Debris Removal. The  high capacity pre-filters like ADR (Automatic Debris Removal), known in Spain such as “The Collecting Basket”, deposit the residues that receives from the automatic drains, which will ultimately be removed. The In-Floor Cleaning Systems are in charge with maintaining in optimal conditions the swimming pool, fountain or Spa automatically with a minimum maintenance. Due to the improvement throughout the years, these systems are highly efficient and have a great autonomy.

The success and the efficiency of the products developed by Paramount Pool & Spa Systems are based on the permanent collaboration in between more than 500 Swimming Pools Builder Companies and the organization P.A.C.E (Paramount Advisory Committee Enterprise). Paramount products have a great advantage by developing its products according to the practical experience of the swimming pool builders. In the 80’s, the items manufactured by Paramount Pool & Spa Systems made their appearance in the European market in France and The Netherlands. In the Spanish market they also made their impressive appearance in 1988, due to a large distributing company.

In 2001 Paramount Pools Europe, opens an office and a warehouse in Ripollet (Barcelona) in order to assist and service the customers from the Iberian Peninsula, Spain and Portugal. At the beginning of 2003, Paramount Pools Europe started supplying the products specialized in water treatment in the entire Europe. The focus of the company is the Smart Filtration Systems, which give great savings in fresh water, the Ozone Generator – Clear O3, which decreases up to 70% the use of chemical products and disinfectants and sure the In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems that minimize the maintenance costs. In 2010, the company started supplying in Europe, the  Ecological Water Treatment System  that sanitize the pool, spa or fountain water without any additional chemical products – Hidrozone.

Now a day, Paramount Pools Europe focus is in supplying advanced products, which gives important savings in the maintenance of the swimming pool, savings in water, in chemical products and electricity. Paramount Pools Europe supplies the installation layouts and all the components of all the In-Floor cleaning systems, the Ecological Water Treatment System – Hidrozone, which maintains the water of the pool in optimal conditions, without adding any chemical products (without adding Chlorine) and the Smart Filtration System which save up to 95% on fresh water.


Paramount Pools Europe supplies his products in Western Europe: Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy, in Northern Europe in: Sweden and Norway and in Eastern Europe in Romania and Moldova.  

Due to the superior quality of its products, the exceptional service offered, and the support of all our customers, Paramount Pools Europe is growing and expanding in the entire Europe.

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