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SunByte™ - Solar Robot

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SunByte® is a robot who automatically cleans the water surface, without increasing the electric bill and with no maintenance costs. Provided with Solar Panels on the top, this robot is transforming the solar sunrays into electric energy. This way the robot receives energy while it works during the day and also charge his battery to keep it ready to start working in the next morning. SunByte® it accumulates excess electrical energy inside a rechargeable battery during the day, and with this extra energy, can easily start the work next day.

The Robot is cleaning water surface during the daylight, also when the Filtration System is not running. The pool water it's still invaded by debris, as leaves from plants and trees, grass, insects, hair from pets, brought by the wind. The collected dirt is deposited in a tray for later withdrawal. With surprising simplicity and great operation autonomy, by simply letting the robot floating in the water and turning the switch on, he starts working, collecting continuosly the dirt and leaving behind the pool water surface clean.

When the Filtration System is not working, the dirt that get into the pool is floating first. Over time and with the filter system stopped, the dirt begins to sink and settle to the bottom of the pool. This dirt usually is taken out by the Skimmer or the Overflow System when the filtration system is working and is sinking when the Filtration System is stopped. If the pool does not have an Automatic In-Floor Cleaning System installed, the dirt will be accumulated in areas of the pool where the water circulation is poor, and it will have to be taken out by using manual methods or a Vacuum Robot. In order to avoid this problem or to reduce its frequency, one solution it should be by increase the filtering system working hours, according to the influx of dirt. The increase in operating hours has an immediate effect on the increase in the electricity bill. SunByte® does avoid this to occur, by collecting continuosly the dirt which falls in the swimming pool, even when the Filtration System it is stopped. And the best part of it is that there are not any additional costs involved.

SunByte™ has built in sensors to avoid obstacles while working, and it also has a program that avoids getting stuck in problematic areas or obstacles.

Finally, this Robot does not need any cables or hoses in order to work properly, needs a minimum maintenance and does his job without any aditional electricity costs. This is a simply and cheap way to maintain the pool water clear and clean all the time.

If you would like to acquire a Solar Robot at a discounted price, please proceed with your order online This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SunSane+™ - Solar Sanitizer

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 We talk about a Solar Self Powered Sanitizer that oxidize impurities that are into the pool water. The product it is an floating electrolyze device that use the sunrays to produce electricity, use the salt (NaCl) present into the water to split the molecule into Chlorine and Sodium. The Chlorine is a popular sanitizer, wide used in swimming pool water disinfection. The device can be used with salt water (which is the indicated use) but also in sweet water. For use in Sweet water, the device is provided by a small containment tank, where the user has to ad common salt.


SunSan+™ is reccomended for not more that 10.000 USG (35 m3) water volume swimming pool. 

The pool water chemistry has to be checked and all values have to be in this range in order the device can work:

pH: 7.2 - 7.4

Alkalinity on gunite pools: 80 ppm - 100 ppm

Alkalinity on Liner/One Piece pools: 120 ppm - 150 ppm

Hardness: 200 ppm - 300 ppm

Chlorine Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid): 80 ppm - 100 ppm

Salt (NaCl): 4000 ppm - 6000 ppm

Phosphate: < 200 ppm

Nitrate: 0 - 3 ppm

Copper: < 1.3 ppm

Iron: 0 ppm

The SunSan+™ device is only for producing disinfectans purpose. Keeping the water in perfect balance and filtered it is not this device functions.

SunIon™- Solar Ionizer

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The SunIon™ device is nothing but a Solar Ionizer. Using his own solar panels, produce low voltage energy that sends it to his submerged electrodes. The electrodes are reacting between them as they are working with opposite electric charges and release iones into the water. With this proces named Ionization, the device is providing natural minerals to the pool water and reducing the formation of algae. SunIon™ is not a sanitizer and it should be not use as such. Every pool needs an efficient sanitizer as well an efficient filtration system. The device it supposed to work in an already sanitized and filtered water. By providing mineral iones SunIon™  is contributing to have a better mineralized water, and a clear and better water quality.

The unit is provided with a Copper electrode that, releasing ions, wears out over time and has to be replaced. The working time for a new copper electrode it depends on the pool water, the sourounding arreas of the pool and the working hours of the device. In a normal environment, the electrod should last between 12 and 24 months. The pool water where the unit is working has to be sanitized well, filtered and be balanced with a neutral pH level.

The unit comes complete and ready to be placed on the pool water surface.

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