Pool Valet Retro - New Pool Valet


If the pool already has a Pool Valet system installed and the owner decides to reduce the cleaning time, increase the radius of the cleaning nozzles or simply change the color of all nozzles to match with the pool finish, in a simple and quick way, the new Pool Valet Retro nozzle is the solution.

This Nozzle it is also used to replace or to fix the broken Pool Valet nozzle or body. When the built in Pool Valet body is broken due the excessive pressure or because of a bad installation, Pool Valet Retro nozzle avoid the hard work to change the built in body by only gluing an adapter inside the broken part. In this way, in minutes the problem can be fixed and more then that, the change will benefit the entire Cleaning and Circulation System, by increasing the cleaning power and reducing the cleaning time. Also, with the Pool Valet Retro, all the nozzles can be better hided because of the 8 colors available to match with the pool tile or pebble.

The Pool Valet Retro Nozzle can be glued perfectly inside the Pool Valet classic body nozzle. With this in mind, there are avoided high expenses and hard work in order to install them. Using the PVC glue to fix the adaptor supplied, this nozzle is introduced in the place of the previously installed nozzle, and its special body will cover the imperfections from the tile cutted around.


  • Adapting to the old Pool Valet built in-floor body.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Aesthetical ring.
  • Cleaning power increased (up to 2 m).
  • Eight diferent colors.
  • Three types of adjusting flow.
  • Hydraulic functioning (not mechanical).
  • Installation tool for standard pole. 


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