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The Smart Filter System are part of the same philosophy as the In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems: "The pool is to enjoy it, no to be a slave to it"

Since 2001, we have received requests from some customers who needed special filters for south areas of Spain (Almeria) and Europe (southern Italy and Greece) where water is scarce or expensive. Working hard we have obtained these filters called Smart.

Manufactured by a partner company, these filters have the following characteristics that make them special:

Filter surface of 37 m2. The ability to filter the pool water is about 120 times higher than a regular sand filter that is installed (600 mm) for average size pools (8.00 m x 4,00 m). In other words, installing this filter would be the equivalent of installing 120 regular sand filters for the same size pool.

Significant savings in water consumption.

Sand filters base their work on passing the water through the filter material which is sand. The sand traps dirt and when it gets too dirty has to be cleaned. The Sand Filter it is cleaned by changing the water flow direction, so the dirt goes back from where entered. The same sand filter selector valve when it is changed in filter cleaning position, changing the water outlet to the general drainage and dirty water instead of returning to the pool, is diverted to the general drain.

This means that each time the sand filter is dirty, the drain throw large amounts of water (for a 600 mm filter the approximate amount of water used is 350 l wasted each time). The frequency of the filters become dirty depends on the capacity of the filter (in Spain and France are typically installed filters with very small capacity to reduce installation costs), the use of the pool and the environment where the pool it is located. For the same pool, a filter with a bigger filter capacity (or filter surface) shall be cleaned less then a filter with less filtering capacity, because having more capacity, will collect more dirt and therefore take longer to fill. By changing the 600 mm Sand filter with a Smart Filter is as if we had installed 120 units of a 600 mm sand filter, therefore have to clean 120 times less. Actually the cleaning frequency of Smart Filter is somewhat greater by the fact that the filter retains microscopics impurities (up to 10 microns) which normally pass trhu the Sand Filter.

If we make a simple calculation, we can see the difference.

350l x 2 = 750 l of water spent in a month or 9000 liters of water waste in one year with a sand filter installed, compared to a maximum of 60 l needs to clean a Smart Filter in the same time period. (It takes into consideration that in a medium size pool, under normal use, during high season - Summer, the sand filter is cleaned once a week, while in low season - Winter, cleaned once a month).

Water quality.

The filtered water quality of the Smart Filter is far greater than any sand filter. Smart Filter retains impurities up to 10 microns. In the case of the sand filters, retain impurities up to 30 microns, all the smaller, passes through the filter and goes back to the pool (ie the remains of sunscreen).

Although hard to believe, installers who have installed the Smart filters have congratulated us on the quality of water and they were impressed with the water clarity. This is especially important because the installers, by installing different kinds of filters, are those who can really appreciate the differences between different types of filters.

Minimal maintenance.

By having a much bigger filtering capacity then the sand or diatomaceous earth filters, the Smart filters are cleaned with a much lower frequency.

In a medium size pool (8, 00 m x 4.00 m) a 600 mm sand filter it is cleaned at least twice a month, the Smart filter is cleaned once a year.

In combination with a Smart Cyclonic Pre-Filter, the Smart Filter cleaning frequency can be reduced to a cleaning every two or three years with an insignificant amount of water wasted.

Simple installation.

The Smart filters are installed quite easier than sand filters by not having a selector valve that requires multiple connections. Smart Filter it simply having an input and an output. No connection is required to the general drain.

Pressure resistance.

The Smart filters resist up to 3.5 bar pressure. Sand filters usually installed, resist up to 2 bars.

Filter material.

Unlike many installation companies or installers think, the Smart Filters have a filter material made of polyester, polypropylene and vinyl plastisol. This type of filter material is used in many fluid filtration applications, from more than 30 years.



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