About HIDROZONE - Water without Chemicals

Water treatment without chemicals, at an affordable cost is a relatively recent achievement. The big difference between a chlorinated pool by using chlorine tablets or a salt chlorinator it is shown in the bather’s eyes and lack of chlorine odor. The HIDROZONE disinfection method, is based on the combination of the hydrolysis process and ozone.

How It Works?

The Hidrozone Disinfection Equipment consists of a Hydrolysis Processor and an Ozone Generator.


Hydrolysis Process occurs in an electrolytic titanium cell where it breaks the water molecule with a minimum of water conductivity (500MS) into very powerful oxidant agents such as OXYGEN PEROXIDE, HYDROXYLS, OZONE and other oxidant elements. As the water flow passes through the hydrolysis cell, the oxidizing agents are generated. This way HIDROZONE fight, oxidizes and eliminates the existing organic matter in the water. Oxidants generated become H2O and O2 once they get back to the pool.


The OZONE GENERATOR produces Ozone from air entering the device and puts it in the pool water. The significant amount of ozone produced (1 g / m3 / h) as well as the method of mixing it with the water gives the effect of a massive bacteria, virus and algae elimination and also the disappearance of odors and flavors that water can have. The big difference between the use of Chlorine or Bromine, is the lack of chemical residuals inside the water. Once oxidized the impurities Ozone transforms into Oxygen, giving the water a special clarity, similar with the healthy mountain rivers water.


The water is controlled at all times using Redox (oxidation) sensors, pH sensors and flow sensors. The Redox sensor once detect the optimal oxidation of water, sends a stop signal to the hydrolysis reaction, reducing power consumption and increasing the lifetime of all components. Once the water need disinfectants again, the Redox Sensor will start the Hydrolysis Process and the Ozone Generation.The pH Sensor, controls the water pH all times and if any deviation detected it starts the pH regulation system. The Flow sensor, monitor the correct amount of water circulating thru the System, and if any fault detected, sends a signal to stop the process and check the installation. Optionally can be added additional sensors and control functions in accord with the needs of each pool or Spa.

Low maintenance.

Being completely automatic, the device requires no maintenance. In cases where the water conductivity does not exceed the required by the device, it has to be adjusted manually to optimal conditions.

Simple and Easy Installation.

The installation of a Hidrozone Device it is simple and easy for both, new and existing pools. The electrolytic cell it has to be always installed in a 'bypass' on the water outlet from the filter and the Hidrozone Device has to be connected to always run when the filtration system works.

Quick payback.

Regardless of the pool dimension or water volume, the Hidrozone Device is amortized over a very short period of time due to the full elimination of all chemicals used, such as chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, flocculants, algae killers .... Etc. All the money spent regularly on these chemical products becomes an annual profit in short time.

Water quality.

It is not the same bathing in water containing free chlorine, chloramines, algae killers, and flocculants, or bathe in pure, well oxygenated water without these chemicals. Anyone who has swum in a public pool that is disinfected with chlorine, remember the eyes irritation and the strong smell of chlorine. The Hidrozone treated water has no chlorine, no bromine nor any other chemical disinfectant added, no chemical algae killers, no chlorine smell no flavors and is perfectly clear.



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