About Underwater Smart LED Lights

The lighting of the pools until recently was based on submersible spotlights fitted with sealed bulbs, incandescent type. The spotlights were provided with special niches that were built on the pool wall and were connected to a transformer that turned the AC 220 V to 12 V AC. As an alternative to a white light color that were applied filters to the spotlight to change the color of light. Soon appeared alternatives such as Optical Fiber which simply transmitting the light from an incandescent bulb through the optical fiber to the pool and its surroundings. In the case of the optical fiber, by the fact that the light source could be mounted away from the pool, was added an electric motor with a disc to move color filters applied to the halogen lamp. Thus, the user could choose the color of the lighting of the pool, between the colors present on the disk (used to have the White, Red, Green and Blue). After the fiber optic lights in the market appeared Underwater Lights with a similar optical mechanism: an electric motor and a disc with color filters that could stop at the desired color. As you might imagine, this lighting concept had a high cost and a significant failure rate. Since a few years ago, LED based technology offers many improvements against the traditional lighting. To begin, the consumption-based LED bulbs are up to 20 times lower than traditional lighting bulbs with an acceptable luminous power. The other important factor is the life, a LED bulb can reach up to 100,000 hours lifetime, compared to 4000 h of life of an incandescent bulb. In the third place but not least is the fact that the bulb-based LED can be programmed to illuminate with different fixed colors, with colors changing automatically synchronized between two or more lights installed, can display the same program at the same time or can illuminate each with its own program. Another aspect to consider is the fact that they have no mechanism exposed to mechanical wear. In the case of LED lights for swimming pools, do not use the pool water as coolant as incandescent bulbs, and are not at risk of burn if powered out of water.

LED Light for New Swimming Pools.

The range of Smart LED lights, begins with a Full Complete Light, ready to be installed in any type of pool: prefabricated pool, liner pool, concrete or pebble pool. This Complete Light has within 8 lighting programs from where 5 are fixed colors (White, Blue, Green, Purple and Turquoise) and 3 are changing colors that changing automatically. This Complete Light is recommended for new pools.

LED Light for Existing Pools.

For existing pools that already have a lighting installation, the Smart range includes Standard LED Bulbs (European PAR 56), adaptable to 99% of the Underwater Lights of the European market. In this range include LED White light bulbs, LED bulbs with 16 lighting programs (RGB) and LED bulbs with one program.

The standard PAR 56 LED bulbs white light is composed of up to 252 white LED units and light with a consumption of up to 30 watts (instead of 300 watts usually spend by incandescent bulbs).

The standard LED bulb PAR 56 with 16 lighting programs are available in two versions: with 252 LED units and 546 LED units. Of course, the 546 LED units bulb it's powerful then the 252 LED bulb. They are also the most expensive.

PAR56 bulbs one program are the most economical and spend less energy (15 watts). Note that these bulbs are only provided with a program that once lit, light with 3 colors which changing automatically (Red, Green and Blue). These bulbs are not synchronized between them so each illuminates with its own program.

Lighting in existing pools without electrical installation.

For older pools where there nobody plans a lighting installation, the Smart range offers Smart Flat LED Complete Light.

These Complete LED Lights are supplied with all components to can be easy installed in old or new pools. The installation is very simple, similar to a light wall sconce. Their advantage is that being applied on the pool wall and since the wall it is not perforated, there is no risk for water leaks. Its simple installation make them ideal for installation in existing pools without prior electrical installation and in the last years are also installed in new pools. The characteristics of these Flat lights are similar to the PAR56 bulb lamps, with the difference that only 252 LED version is supplied.

Installation of Smart Bulbs or complete LED Lights is simpler than traditional bulbs for the simple fact that they do not need transformers for each bulb or light installed, it is recommended that all LED lights of a pool, spa or fountain to connect to a single transformer.



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