Smart Filters

filtros smart

Smart Filter is a special high flow pool water filter. It has up to 120 times bigger dirt retention capacity then a regular 600 mm sand filter (filtration surface area 37m2  Vs 0.3 m2). The working pressure it is up to 3,00 BAR and the water flow that works with it can be up to 35 m3/h. The water filtration quality is much better then any sand filter as it retains particles 3 times smaller then a regular sand filter. It has no need to any multi-port valve be installed, so the water can run without any restriction. It is specially recommended for installations with In-Floor Cleaning Systems because of his High Water Flow, Low Water Restrictions and High Water working Pressure. Once installed, it can reduce the fresh water consumption up to 95% and the electrical bill up to 50%.

Part of the Smart Filtration System, which provide with big savings in Fresh Water, Electrical Costs and Chemical Products.

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