SDX - The Smart Inlet


The New Smart SDX Inlets are able to move up to 45 m3/h (200 gpm) of water, compatibles with high flow pumps. The SDX inlets are a security certified product that accomplish with the highest security standard regulations in the US.  Each SDX inlet it is provided by 60 small independent orifices has a anti-trap design that make it the safest water inlet in the market today. Most of the pool builders and pool maintenance companies use it to upgrade the old drain devices installed in pools over the world. The SDX inlets are manufactured in 8 different colours, to match the pool colour and to match with the In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation nozzles, the MDX active main drain and the Aquadaptor Returns. The SDX Inlets are indicated to be installed as inlet points for Waterfalls, Fountains or In-Floor Cleaning Systems in Overflow pools. The SDX Inlets are used to replace the old inlets that do not accomplish with the actual security laws and regulations in the United States.




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