Hidrozone - Water Treatment without Chemicals


Hidrozone is a new product that disinfect the pool water without using any chemical product. HIDROZONE, is a complete machine that includes an Hydrolyze treatment process and an Ozone Generator. The Hydrolyze reaction produce peroxides, oxygen and ozone and depends on the water conductivity. In pools with a lower conductivity water it is needed to increase the minimum water coductivity enough (1000ms) in order the machine works properly. The Ozone Generator produce enough quantity of Ozone to oxydize the organical debris as virus or bacteria, and neutralize the bad smell or bad taste the water may have. Installing a Hidrozone machine it will avoid the use of any chemical disinfectant product. Specially indicated for treat the water in swimming pools or spa's where the customer doesnt want to use any chemical disinfectant product as chlorine or bromine. Also indicated to be installed with In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems and Smart Filtration Systems because of keeping automatically the pool water in the best conditions.

Part of Smart Filtration System which provides great savings on fresh water, electrical energy and chemical products.

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