Smart Waterfalls and Fountains - with or without LED


All Smart Waterfalls and Fountains are made to be built in walls. The Waterfalls are supplied in different sizes, from 35 cm up to more then 200 cm and they can be two types: Laminar or Rainfall. The Waterfalls that have LED integrated are the model Rainfall and are 120 cm long. The Fountains can be installed inside or outside the pool. If installed outside the pool, normally are installed closer the pool, in the deck. This foutains are also named Deck Jets and may include LED light. The Deck Jets with LED, are supplied in two models: Large ( up to 6 m jet), and Small (no more then 1,5 m jet). The water jet can be moved up or down, left or right and the LED jets can light with a fixed colour or with an automatic changing colours program wich change the colours automaticly. The Fountains can be synchronized to show the same colour at the same time if are installed two or more units. They also can be synchronized with the LED waterfalls if there are installed Waterfalls with LED. The electrical consumption is very low, typical of LED's.




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