Ecological Pre-Filter


This item is designed to be installed between the pump and the Filter, and his job is to retain the small debris that just passed the pump basket before it reaches the Filter. The simply installation on the top of any pool pump brings a good and easy solution offering bigger autonomy to the Filter and all the other filtering equipment. It is indicated as well to be installed before any waterfall, his debris retaining capacity protect all the waterfalls and fountains in a circuit, being jammed by stones or dirt. Installed in swimming pools that use Sand Filters, saves important quantities of fresh water used for cleaning the Sand Filter. If installed together with a Smart Filter, it can double his working autonomy. This item does not use any filtering material so it does not need any replacement parts. His amazing filtering work is done by giving a centrifugal rotation to the pool water that drop all the dirt in suspension on the sides and deposit them in a clear container base, saving tones of treated water. His clear base let the customer revise its status and if full of dirt, by opening a small valve, sends all the dirt outside.

Specially indicated for pre-filter the water for In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems installations as well for any Filtration Systems or Waterfalls. Part of Smart Filtration System, provides big savings in fresh water, electrical energy and chemical products.



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