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Smart Pumps: Self Primig Pumps, high quality and exceptional performance, low noise, designated specially for work with high flows and pressures that are the requirements for In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems. They are made in different sizes to meet the needs for auxiliary installations, as feeding Waterfalls, Fountains, Deck Jets's...etc., or for run Smart Filtration Systems for any kind of Pools, Spa's or Fountains.


SDX - The Smart Inlet


The New Smart SDX Inlets are able to move up to 45 m3/h (200 gpm) of water, compatibles with high flow pumps. The SDX inlets are a security certified product that accomplish with the highest security standard regulations in US.  Each SDX inlet it is provided by 60 small independent orifices has a anti-trap design that make it the safety inlet in the market today. Most of the pool builders and pool maintenance companies use it to upgrade the old suction devices installed in pools over the world. The SDX inlets are manufactured in 8 different colours, to match the pool colour and to match with the In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation nozzles, the MDX active main drain and the Aquadaptor Returns. The SDX Inlets are indicated to be installed as suction points for Waterfalls, Fountains or In-Floor Cleaning Systems in Overflow pools. The SDX Inlets are used to replace the old inlets that do not accomplish with the actual security laws and regulations in United States.


Hidrozone - Water Treatment without Chemicals


Hidrozone is a new product that disinfect the pool water without using any chemical product. HIDROZONE, is a complete machine that includes an Hydrolyze treatment process and an Ozone Generator. The Hydrolyze reaction produce peroxides, oxygen and ozone and depends on the water conductivity. In pools with a lower conductivity water it is needed to increase the minimum water coductivity enough (1000ms) in order the machine works properly. The Ozone Generator produce enough quantity of Ozone to oxydize the organical debris as virus or bacteria, and neutralize the bad smell or bad taste the water may have. Installing a Hidrozone machine it will avoid the use of any chemical disinfectant product. Specially indicated for treat the water in swimming pools or spa's where the customer doesnt want to use any chemical disinfectant product as chlorine or bromine. Also indicated to be installed with In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems and Smart Filtration Systems because of keeping automatically the pool water in the best conditions.

Part of Smart Filtration System which provides great savings on fresh water, electrical energy and chemical products.

Details on "HIDROZONE" page.

Smart Waterfalls and Fountains - with or without LED


All Smart Waterfalls and Fountains are made to be built in walls. The Waterfalls are supplied in different sizes, from 35 cm up to more then 200 cm and they can be two types: Laminar or Rainfall. The Waterfalls that have LED integrated are the model Rainfall and are 120 cm long. The Fountains can be installed inside or outside the pool. If installed outside the pool, normally are installed closer the pool, in the deck. This foutains are also named Deck Jets and may include LED light. The Deck Jets with LED, are supplied in two models: Large ( up to 6 m jet), and Small (no more then 1,5 m jet). The water jet can be moved up or down, left or right and the LED jets can light with a fixed colour or with an automatic changing colours program wich change the colours automaticly. The Fountains can be synchronized to show the same colour at the same time if are installed two or more units. They also can be synchronized with the LED waterfalls if there are installed Waterfalls with LED. The electrical consumption is very low, typical of LED's.


Ecological Pre-Filter


This item is designed to be installed between the pump and the Filter, and his job is to retain the small debris that just passed the pump basket before it reachs the Filter. The simply installation on the top of any pool pump offer a bigger autonomy to the Filter and all the other filtering equipment. It is indicated as well to be installed before any waterfall, his debris retaining capacity protect all the waterfalls and fountains being jammed by stones or dirt. Installed in swimming pools that use Sand Filters, save importants quantities of fresh water used for cleaning the Sand Filter. If installed together with a Smart Filter, it can double his autonomy. This item does not use any filtering material so it does not need any replacement parts. His amazing filtering work is done by giving a centrifugal rotation to the pool water that drop all the dirt in suspension on the sides and deposit them in a clear container base, saving tones of treated water. His clear base let the customer revise its status and if full of dirt, by opening a small valve, send all the dirt out.

Specially indicated for In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems installations as well for any Filtration System or Waterfalls. Part of Smart Filtration System, provides big savings in fresh water, electrical energy and chemical products.



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