PV3 Components

Distributing Valve

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The PV3 System includes our patented distributing valve, adapted to the European market with high flow and bottom connections. Available with a flexibility from 2 to 12 - 63mm ports, it does not need any adaptors and does not need any booster pump for installation in small and medium-size pools.

Build in -  the pause mode, used to run only one zone at a time.

Does not need electricity since it is hydraulic (works with the water flow).

Silent functioning: the auto cleaning valves, makes the valve to open and close easily without scarifying the efficiency.

The Cleaning Nozzles

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PV3 is using efficiently nozzles in order to clean big circles without creating any drawings on the floor of the pool. The cleaning radius is up to 2 meters with the possibility of three different configurations. The functioning is hydraulic and not mechanic.

When PV3 is not working, it stays flush with the floor of the pool, in which mode the pool always has a nice look, which invites you to enjoy it.

The Active Drainage

MDX R3 cl

One after one the valve distributes the filtered water in each zone of the pool, moving automatically the dirt and the residues towards the drain and the skimmer (or wet edge) where they are eliminated.
PV3 is installed together with a MDX active drain, which allow the easy removal of the dirt from the pool to the Debris Removal Canister. This recipient is installed closer the pool, it works with high flow and it is provided by a clear lid, a big basket capacity (more than 6 liters) to retain the Debris, so gives a much bigger autonomy to the entire cleaning system. The PV3 cleaning system includes the MDX active drain and the Debris Removal Canister. A system wihtout these components is not guaranteeing the removal of the residues from inside of the pool.

The Debris Removal Canister

DCCcutaway EDCCutout

The drains of the conventional pools are designed in such manner that they do serve as aspiration of the water from the pool, and not designed to allow the dirt to get out of the pool. If the pool with a Cleaning System has installed an MDX active drain , the residues that are swept by the cleaning system, are getting out of the pool through the MDX active drain. These remains are going directly to the inlet side of the pump in charge with the water movement. In order the dirt to not block the basket of the pump it is necessary to install a High Capacity Pre Filter before the pump. Paramount Pools supplies the Debris Removal Canister, which is nothing but a Pre Filter with big dimensions (400% bigger than the majority of the pump's baskets), located in between the MDX active drain  and the pump. Through this modality the dirt moved by the nozzles, gets out of the pool through the MDX active drain  and gets deposited in the Debris Removal Canister. Due to its big capacity, the autonomy of the entire system is much higher and due to the fact that the Debris Removal Canister is located close to the pool, similar to a skimmer, it allows the inspection of its state very quickly.

The Paramount Debris Removal Canister , is the solution for automatic collection of the dirt from the pool. Qualities: Big Capacity, Easy access due to it's location, Protection of the Equipment, Higher Autonomy of the Cleaning and Circulation System.

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