PV3 Nozzle Technical Data


Characteristics of PV3 Cleaning Jet:

  • Maximum Cleaning Efficient Radius: 2 meters.
  • Installation: Directly inside European Standard PVC Rigid 63 mm pipe 16 BAR.
  • Three Nozzle Jet configuration with each Nozzle - Able to clean floors, steps, underwater benches, seats or Spa.


  • Distributor Valve Completely Hydraulic Not Electric. Made for European Standard Rigid PVC Pipe 63 mm. Available with 2, 3, 6, 9 and 12 ports.
  • Installation tool with 4 hooks to hold the Nozzle easy with the Standard Pool Clip Pole.


  • The Nozzle cannot be installed far than 1 meter from the inside finished vertical wall or slope change. The Cleaning Radius of each Nozzle Installed has to Overlap enough with the closest Nozlles to can assure the debris will be removed efficiently in all surfaces that we want to be cleaned.
  • For the Top Steps, Benches, Spa zones, or Dead Angles in the swimming pool has to be used the medium or small radius Nozzle Jet according with the Areas we want to be cleaned.
  • For the Pool Floor the Nozzle mainly used is the Bigger Radius Jet - that cover big areas with small amount of units installed.
  • For Spa, Small and Medium Size Domestic Pools it si recommended to use the main filtration pump with an effcient, low flow retention and big filtration surface filter (as Smart FIlter). For big domestic pools and commercial pools it is recommended the In-Floor Cleaning System use a Booster Pump.
  • The Cleaning System Pump required depends on the number of nozzles on the Distributor Valve zone. The Pump type will be determined by the swimming pool layout.
  • If the Distance from the Cleaning System Pump to the farest nozzle is more than 15 meters, or in the line are to many fittings (as 90º Elbows) will be required a most powerfull pump.
  • If the Nozzle Jet was set wrong by mistake (eg. cleaning radius 1,4 m instead of 2 m) the nozzle setup covers are removalbe so it can be set up again. 
  • The Two, Three and Six Ports Distributor Valves are one unit each. The Nine and Twelve Ports Distributor Valves are Composite Valves.
  • Recommended Pumps:
    • SMART HYDROSTORM 100-200-250
    • SMART HYDROSTORM PLUS 100-200-250
  • Recommended Pipe for Europe: PVC RIGID 63 mm Pipe 16 Bar.
  • Water Supply for Cleaning System Using a Booster Pump:
    • For Skimmer Pools - Use the second 63 mm port of each Skimmer in the installation.
    • For OverFlowing Pools - Use at least 2 units of the SDX Water Inlet installed in the Vault. SDX has to be installed efficiently in the Vault not too high (to avoid not draw air) and not too low (to prevent not draw in debris in the system)
  • Drain Recommended: MDX Active Drain.
  • Skimmers Recommended: Paramount Venturi Skimmer / Smart Skimmer High Flow
  • Debris Containers Recommended: ADR Paramount or SDR Paramount.
  • Example of an Installation Layout delivered free of charge:

 Sample Installation Layout

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