Why PV3?

Think about these questions:

  • - Are you going to clean manually your pool twice a day?
  • - Are you going to spend every month money on chemical products?
  • - Are you going to slip on your pool stairs because of the algae?
  • - Are you going to increase your electricity bill to heat your pool?
  • - Are you going to play with your health because of the lack of chemical products?
  • - Are you going to swim in between cables and hoses while your pool gets cleaned?

The heating and the circulation of the conventional pools

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Without evenly distributing the heat, the traditional design of the swimming pools is based on an antique method which return the filtrated water of the pool through some accesses that are in the wall situated near the surface of the water. This system is better than having nothing, but with this method the treated and heated water does not arrive to the bottom of the pool where is needed the most. While the heat and the disinfectant products are getting closer to the surface of the pool, the wind and the sun take all disinfection products and heat out of the water.

The researches done by third companies shows that the pools that do not have the in-floor cleaning system installed spend more than 50% of chemical products and 30% more energy for heating the water.

Cleaning and circulation of the pool in one system

pv3 pool circ clThe PV3 system distributes the heat through its advanced technology, moving the water from the floor to the bottom of the pool, reaching all areas to can kill rapidly the algae and the bacteria before they start reproducing. The same powerful jets of water which clean the pool are distributing efficiently the heated treated water thru the pool floor maintaining it farther away from the surface of the pool when the circumstances are allowing it. PV3 is providing a cleaner water, a more warm water and healthier in order to be able to enjoy your pool in any moment.


  • Cleaning of the pool is guaranteed.
  • Increased time for enjoyment of the pool.
  • Pool Maintenance Time reduced cosiderably.
  • The design of the pool is not limited.
  • Important savings in disinfectant products and energy.
  • With the savings made, the cleaning system is auto financing itself.
  • Cleaning and circulation of the pool in one single system.


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